CHANGE – July 23, 2014


“When people are ready to, they CHANGE. They never do it before then, and sometimes they die before they get around to it. You can’t make them CHANGE if they don’t want to, just like when they do want to, you can’t stop them.” ~Andy Warhol

DECLARE: I willingly embrace all positive CHANGEs in my life.change 7-23

CHANGE – July 22, 2014


Get clear within yourself about what exactly you want to CHANGE. Write that declaration on a piece of paper, place it on your altar, your Bible or under your pillow. Set aside time every day to be silent with your declaration for CHANGE, to repeat it like a mantra and to pray for it. Then, wait for it with expectancy.
change 7-22
DECLARE: My circumstances are CHANGING and I am growing …

CHANGE – July 21, 2014


Often, the things/people we want to draw into our lives elude us because we unconsciously block them out with our defenses or with tunnel vision that causes us to not see them when they appear. We can take action by exploring and softening our barriers, and expanding our vision to encompass new possibilities. These actions are the essence of receptivity (and CHANGE). ~Madisyn Taylor

DECLARE: Today, I am attracting all that I need to CHANGE my life….change 7-21

CHANGE – July 15, 2014


There’s a point in our lives when we’re ready for a CHANGE that we’ve had trouble carrying out. Maybe we’ve been stuck in a home, a relationship or job that hasn’t felt right for a long time, but we’ve been unable to shift our circumstances. At times like this, it can help to declare to the universe that we are ready for a CHANGE. Think of it as informing a helpful friend that you need assistance to move to the next level in your life. If the time’s right, the universe will respond with opportunities designed to help you create the CHANGE you wish to see.

DECLARE: I am ready to challenge the direction of my life…change 7-15

CHANGE – July 7, 2014

CHANGE AFFIRMATION – DAY 54 (of 120):change -7-7

If you’ve ended the relationship because someone was doing something that you experienced as hurtful or refused to tolerate any longer, contacting them would take away your credibility for the boundary you set; you’d be colluding with the behavior that you already told them was unacceptable. When it’s time for someone to go, you can’t fight the inevitable. The relationship time with them has passed. Even if it hurts, surrender to what is. ~Rhonda Findling

A zebra may not CHANGE it’s stripes but YOU can get rid of the zebra …