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A New Year!

A New Year is heading our way ...So what are YOUR plans for a life "reinvention"? I think most of us are a little worn out with the making (and re-making) of New Year's resolutions that barely have a life expectancy of 30 days. But, what's that about anyway and who says?? < Insert a 'Poof,… Continue reading A New Year!

Just Being "V"

Faithful Fathering: The Fragrance of Life

 Originator. Creator. Founder. Instructor. Provider. And though the list could go on, these are but a few nouns that come to mind when I hear the word, FATHER. For anyone who’s interested, ‘father’ just happens to be the first word listed in the Hebrew dictionary … ‘ab’ (pronounced, awb) --imagine that! My guess is… Continue reading Faithful Fathering: The Fragrance of Life