The Race: It Ain’t Over ’til It Starts

  Whether it’s a foot race, a horse race, a motor race or a race for a cure, every race begins at the starting line with the finish line in mind, if not in plain view. But prior to any starting line, preparation for the upcoming task usually takes place and it undoubtedly involves someContinue reading “The Race: It Ain’t Over ’til It Starts”

I CAN Do This!

Be your biggest fan…encourage YOURSELF! Create a personal set of affirmations to speak over your OWN life daily. ‪#‎BeHappy‬ Imagination beckons Presentation … in other words, what you see or believe is pretty much what life hands you…. it delivers what you order. So, why not utilize your God-given authority to help design the life YOU want?!Continue reading “I CAN Do This!”

Faithful Fathering: The Fragrance of Life

 Originator. Creator. Founder. Instructor. Provider. And though the list could go on, these are but a few nouns that come to mind when I hear the word, FATHER. For anyone who’s interested, ‘father’ just happens to be the first word listed in the Hebrew dictionary … ‘ab’ (pronounced, awb) –imagine that! My guess isContinue reading “Faithful Fathering: The Fragrance of Life”

Pat Robertson … there’s a snake on your shoulder.

Just couldn’t keep still … had to use MY “platform”: Dear 700 Club, Through the years I’ve enjoyed and been blessed by your programming HOWEVER … it pains me to watch as Pat Robertson continues to host, using the camera for his geriatric rants regarding politics instead of the message of salvation—which at this point,Continue reading “Pat Robertson … there’s a snake on your shoulder.”

How to Handle Pressure Under Deadlines

For the longest time, I’d wanted an old-fashioned whistling tea kettle. Whenever I’d see them in the store or in a movie, my response was always, “one day.” Now, a whistling tea kettle is not some fancy, expensive undertaking, not like saving every paycheck for some exotic get-a-way. But, I was lazy … let’s justContinue reading “How to Handle Pressure Under Deadlines”


Found the sentence EXPECT GREAT THINGS written in one of my journals this morning, then received confirmation spoken during a conference call, RAISE YOUR LEVEL OF EXPECTANCY. It’s time to align our vision with His; if you SEE something, chances are He’s purposely showing it to you to get you to to ask (pray) andContinue reading “EXPECT GREAT THINGS!”