Coming February 2014 – “No Conditions”

O.C. Byrd is hard-working, handsome and newly married to the woman of his prayers. With his sights firmly set on becoming a Gospel recording artist, his determination is beginning to pay off, earning him a windstorm of recognition at the local level. But will both his widespread notoriety and his marriage be jeopardized through theContinue reading “Coming February 2014 – “No Conditions””

Makasha Dorsey Interviews Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress

Virtual Book Tour for No Condemnation, July 5, 2013 When did you realize you had a book (or some books) inside you? Actually, I often joke that I’m a writer by suggestion, almost like a dare; a co-worker one day walked up and told me I should write a book. She went on to explain there wereContinue reading “Makasha Dorsey Interviews Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress”