I CAN Do This!

Be your biggest fan…encourage YOURSELF! Create a personal set of affirmations to speak over your OWN life daily. ‪#‎BeHappy‬ Imagination beckons Presentation … in other words, what you see or believe is pretty much what life hands you…. it delivers what you order. So, why not utilize your God-given authority to help design the life YOU want?!Continue reading “I CAN Do This!”

Faithful Fathering: The Fragrance of Life

 Originator. Creator. Founder. Instructor. Provider. And though the list could go on, these are but a few nouns that come to mind when I hear the word, FATHER. For anyone who’s interested, ‘father’ just happens to be the first word listed in the Hebrew dictionary … ‘ab’ (pronounced, awb) –imagine that! My guess isContinue reading “Faithful Fathering: The Fragrance of Life”

CHANGE – August 6, 2014

CHANGE AFFIRMATION – DAY 65 (of 120): “Many of us have been negatively conditioned regarding money. As we understand our ancestral patterns, we learn how to balance this tendency and create some spaciousness within which to create a paradigm shift (aka CHANGE) in our lives. When we heal and undo the old programming we’ll uncoverContinue reading “CHANGE – August 6, 2014”

CHANGE – August 5, 2014

CHANGE AFFIRMATION – DAY 64 (of 120): Say what you need to say. Speak your truth. There’s no greater sadness than holding onto the words you never had the courage to speak OR speaking words that negatively impact your own life. Monitor and if necessary, CHANGE your words. DECLARE: All CHANGE-s in my life areContinue reading “CHANGE – August 5, 2014”