The Last 40 Days: Reflecting and Expecting Journal 2017

Hey there! I am SO excited about the newest book–actually a journal–I released earlier today.

Not only is this a labor of love but one with a cause. So much is going on in the world…every time you turn around its one chaotic, mind-altering thing or disaster after the next. Its pretty difficult to stay focused, not to mention POSITIVE.

With a new year quickly approaching, my vision for this journal is for it to serve as a tool to apply collective self-healing as we coast into 2018 journaling affirmation prompts The-Last-40-Days-KindleTOGETHER.

So, from November 22 – December 31, 2017 the JOURNAL CHALLENGE takes place! A 40-day count down to the New Year, focusing solely on the positives you encounter. A change in perspective precedes a change in reality!

Join the JOURNAL CHALLENGE and get your family and friends onboard to do the same. Let’s GLOW UP together!!!


Published by Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress

I'm an Inspirational Author (Voice of Inspiration Publishing), Certified Life Transition Coach, Lead Wedding Officiant at One Accord DFW, and a living declaration of God's Grace! #PerfectlyImperfect Follow me on Instagram: @Worddoc

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