Books by Doc V

The Last 40 Days: Reflecting and Expecting Journal 2017

Hey there! I am SO excited about the newest book–actually a journal–I released earlier today.

Not only is this a labor of love but one with a cause. So much is going on in the world…every time you turn around its one chaotic, mind-altering thing or disaster after the next. Its pretty difficult to stay focused, not to mention POSITIVE.

With a new year quickly approaching, my vision for this journal is for it to serve as a tool to apply collective self-healing as we coast into 2018 journaling affirmation prompts The-Last-40-Days-KindleTOGETHER.

So, from November 22 – December 31, 2017 the JOURNAL CHALLENGE takes place! A 40-day count down to the New Year, focusing solely on the positives you encounter. A change in perspective precedes a change in reality!

Join the JOURNAL CHALLENGE and get your family and friends onboard to do the same. Let’s GLOW UP together!!!



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