Just Being "V"

I CAN Do This!


Be your biggest fan…encourage YOURSELF! Create a personal set of affirmations to speak over your OWN life daily. ‪#‎BeHappy‬

Imagination beckons Presentation … in other words, what you see or believe is pretty much what life hands you…. it delivers what you order. So, why not utilize your God-given authority to help design the life YOU want?! I’ve taken the liberty to offer the following suggestions:

1 – Be CLEAR about what you want; be so clear that you can practically touch it with your mind’s eye. Equally as important, see YOU having it!

2 – Be okay with it … give yourself guilt-free PERMISSION to do and have what you desire. You only get to do this thing called “Life” once, might as well make it good!

3 – Be POSITIVE in creating “Now” statements regarding your goal(s)/desire(s) and use your own words. Your statements can be 3 – 5 one-liners.

For example: “I no longer let others upset me.” Now, that statement is okaaaay but a more positive spin would and should sound something like, “I remain (or I am) calm, centered and focused.”

4 – #BeHappy …THIS, my friends, should be the ultimate goal that we all strive for 🙂

The universe is a place of great abundance and we are all meant to be naturally prosperous, both in material and spiritual wealth, in a way that is balanced and harmonious with one another and with the earth that nourishes us. ~Shakti Gawain


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