CHANGE – July 2, 2014


A couple days ago I witnessed a man being detained by the manager in the middle of the street, pants down around his ankles emptying nearly 30 cans of air freshener he’d stolen! I drove off shaking my head (in my spirit)…how did he get here??

Today during my morning walk, four “unmarked” SUV’s crossed me; a small battalion bearing “US Marshal” on their vests jumped from each truck, one of which carried a young man. I heard the chains before I saw the man being secured at his ankles. As they restrained him, he smiled at me and I smiled back. Again, I shook my head (in my spirit) as I trotted along…how did he get here???

My thought for the day … When you know better, please do better so you can have better!

Refuse those shackles of your past, you can’t get very far doing the “convict shuffle” even if it’s in your mind. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE but it has to start from within…change 7-2


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