Just Being "V"

Pat Robertson … there’s a snake on your shoulder.

Just couldn’t keep still … had to use MY “platform”:

Dear 700 Club,

patThrough the years I’ve enjoyed and been blessed by your programming HOWEVER … it pains me to watch as Pat Robertson continues to host, using the camera for his geriatric rants regarding politics instead of the message of salvation—which at this point, he appears to have, himself, forgotten. Thus, I shall not.

This morning’s show alone, Pat Robertson (1) dismissed the Malaysia flight #370 with an off-hand remark as being just ‘a mystery so why bother’; (2) verbally labeled our president as “weak” (and Pat has repeatedly slandered our leaders on numerous broadcasts—just pick one); (3) became visibly undone regarding his opinion of ‘government waste’ to the point the lovely co-anchor stated, “Pat, you had your Wheaties this morning, you’re fired up!”

So, when does God, His grace and His goodness become one of your main stories? Mostly AFTER Pat has given his distasteful opinion of the world which is about the first 30-35 minutes of the hour-long show and IF God is lucky, He gets to make a cameo appearance later. Well, 700 Club, I will–like the Malaysian flight Pat could care less about–disappear from your viewership.

Pat Robertson, it’s awful how you’re given a pass to cast stones and call it Christian journalism just because you’ve reached millionaire status doing so. Sadly, I truly think you believe your own hype, hype that dangerously rubs elbows with manipulation (of your position & God’s people).

I extend an invitation to you to be careful; although I’m no longer watching your antics, God is.

NOTE: Sometimes, it’s not the world we should be watching out for but the snake that slid into the ‘pulpit’ undetected…


Dr. Vivi Monroe Congress


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