Books by Doc V

Summer Reading List 2013

The Literary Lady, Author Yolanda M. Johnson-Bryant, has a phenomenal reading list to share! Grab a book and a hammock and let your mind travel πŸ™‚


30 Books in 90 Days Reading Challenge List

  • One Sunday – Carrie Gerlach Cecil
  • Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? – Thompson Square
  • Brandenburg – Glenn Meade
  • Marriage 101 for Men: Why Taking Out the Trash is a Turn On – Sherri Mills
  • Choosing the Road Less Traveled
  • Waking Up in Heaven – Crystal McVea
  • Burden of Truth – Terri Nolan
  • Miss Scandalous – Nicole Dunlap
  • Can’t Keep a Bad Bride Down – Miranda Parker
  • The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box – Valerie Lewis Coleman
  • The Mounds Anomaly – Phyllis Gunderson
  • Dante’s Wood – Lynne Raimondo
  • Deep Fried Trouble – Tyora Moody
  • The Sanctuary – Paulette Harper
  • Life – Diana Strickland
  • Who I Be – Annie Brown
  • No Condemnation – Vivi Congress
  • Living in the In-Between Time – Dr. Ralph West
  • Minus One – Norwood Holland
  • The Moon is Broken – Monique B. Martin
  • Raising a Lady in Waiting: Parents Guide to Helping Your Daughter Avoid a Bozo – Jackie Kendall
  • Sasha McCoy Freelancer – John Wooden
  • The Ides of March – Gregory Townes
  • Living a Life of Gratitude – Sara Wiseman
  • The Essentials of Business Etiquette – Barbara Pachter
  • Shut Up, You’re Welcome – Annie Choi
  • Quincy Jones – Clarence Bernard Henry
  • Eat, Move, Sleep – Tom Rath
  • The Silent Wife – A.S.A. Harrison
  • Zane – Brenda Jackson


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