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How to Handle Pressure Under Deadlines

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For the longest time, I’d wanted an old-fashioned whistling tea kettle. Whenever I’d see them in the store or in a movie, my response was always, “one day.” Now, a whistling tea kettle is not some fancy, expensive undertaking, not like saving every paycheck for some exotic get-a-way. But, I was lazy … let’s just call it what it was… I was lazy and I just didn’t want it bad enough.

This year I finally got a beautiful silver, loud-as-all-get-out whistling tea kettle; it was given to me by a woman who no longer had any use for it. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I got home filled it with water and vinegar (figured I might as well clean it as I played with it), placed it squarely on a stove eye set to high, and then waited. The peal of that kettle, once it reached boiling point, was exhilarating and worth the wait.

As much as I love the functionality of this kitchen gadget, it also served to prove an invaluable point regarding deadlines and the pressure that come with them; most things aren’t instant. The kettle doesn’t whistle the moment it comes in contact with a heating element; there’s a build to making that baby sound off—there is a process.

Planning, preparing and pacing are our friends, don’t take their value for granted. Make time to chart out a daily PLAN, perhaps 30-60 minutes each sitting, to work on your project and if time allows, go for more. Plan according to your deadline (date) and then balance that plan with your other life obligations.

PREPARE by having the necessary tools at your fingertips and by closing yourself off to distractions to avoid wasting one of life’s most precious commodities, time.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

And, be sure to PACE yourself; there may only be 24 hours in a day but that only reminds me of the question, “What’s the best way to eat an elephant?” The answer is simple; “One bite at a time”. Biting off more than you can chew almost never works, plus you run the risk of choking in the end and who needs that, right?

By planning, preparing and pacing, deadline pressure can become a thing of the past. Might be a good idea to invest in a whistling kettle and treat yourself to a lavender/chamomile blended tea—just because.

Doc V


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